The Tesco check-out

I've never been to Tesco. We don't have them in Australia (do we?). Is it a grocery store? It sounds like it's a bit more than just groceries? They sell cups of coffee. If a grocery store sold coffee, that is where I would go to buy my food. In fact, I did go 10km … Continue reading The Tesco check-out


Things get better

This weekend I am celebrating - commemorating? - four years of sobriety. On this weekend four years ago, I had an argument with my partner that escalated into something that I will never forget. I still haven't quite forgiven myself for my part in the events of that night. Forgiving myself is something I'm still … Continue reading Things get better


Staring at my laptop, I'm frozen more often than I am compelled to write. Writer's block hit me as soon as 'Sobriety is an Island' was published on Discovered. A moment of venting during a visit from my brother blew up my blog. Since then, I am unable to write without feeling an incredible sense of responsibility. … Continue reading Noise